Vision Based Indoor Positioning, VBIP

Exclusive R&D / Global Patent
OSENSE can build a “indoor map” by our exclusive technology “VBIP” (Vision Based Indoor Positioning), without GPS.

When people are inside the building, they can’t use GPS to do self-positioning. We use “VBIP” to help people know their position. VBIP is a technology that integrate computer vision, analysis of magnetic field and radio-frequency signal. A indoor map can be established in a minute. It's very high efficiency.

VBIP system can be applied to many fields, such as transportation, museums, art galleries, sightseeing spots, theme parks, etc. It provides O2O services and brings in more commercial possibilities.

Combining AR and POI, we can use smart phones and pads to rich our visiting experience.

We have already developed the exclusive VBIP SDK. The software developers can use the SDK to develop various applications in a shorter time.
Vision Based Indoor Position
AR navigation demo
Rabbit AR


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