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We build solutions for the goal of “Smart Space.” We integrate software and hardware to create highly adhesive one-stop platforms that provide O2O services for users.
We already made successful solutions to the stadiums, exhibition halls, airports, and transportation hubs in Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand.

Smart Stadium - O'Hero
OSENSE TECH has released O’Hero App in Tokyo 2020 Qualification – “WBSC Premier 12 (P12)”. It is a powerful baseball-watching assistant App that provides fans with AR opening-day performance", "interactive sweepstake," "seat guide by ticket scan," "replay of exciting game moments," "information of scores, players and events," "on-site real-time strategy plan, "etc., to meet fans' on-site needs in this one-stop App.
In the future, OSENSE Smart Stadium Solution can be tailored for different stadiums, and further integrate the software and hardware technologies, to achieve three core elements of information, interaction, and consumption. Through AR interaction effect, the App can enhance the interaction and entertainment of on-site football watching and further provide fans with more real-time services, including ticket reservation, parking and traffic information, queue status, meal order and delivery, online shopping, etc. At the same time, the team operators can design on-the-spot entertainment activities and AR advertisements in App. Through intelligent management of back-end data, the operators can better understand the preferences of fans in the stadium, and design campaigns and create incentives to attract new fans.

Smart Exhibition Solution - O’ Expo
OSENSE’s O’Expo Smart Exhibition Solution is a one-stop solution that can genuinely solve environmental disorientation and marketing waste problems.
Based on the real needs of the hosts of the exhibition hall, event organizers, exhibitors and visitors, we provide a comprehensive and convenient interactive experience, bringing more significant exhibition benefits.
O'EXPO combines image recognition, signal analysis technology and AIoT, establish our core technology VBIP. Through VBIP, visitors can find someone, exits or toilets easily. People can immediately identify where they are.
After the exhibition, we use a large amount of data of members, to make the following more precise.

Solutions for Transportation Hubs
We have cooperated with transportation companies such as BTS Sky Train (Thailand) and Taoyuan International Airport. We built the indoor navigation systems in more than 200 stations of BTS and Taoyuan International Airport.
The host of the transportation hubs can also set the POIs of AR ads or games in our system. If the passengers click the banners or play the game, they can earn some discounts on the fare.

Premier 12 Series B by WBSC

P12 OSENSE AR Opening Show

Introduction of AI technology

O'Expo Smart Exhibition Solution

K-ZONE-Baseball Pitches Analyzing


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