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Indoor Navigation and Vehicle Search
Without the need for additional sensors or other hardware, the SDK (Software Development Kit) can run on existing apps to provide indoor navigation and vehicle search functions in car parks. The system offers AR-based navigation services in large indoor venues over the mobile phone. In the hospital, it is possible to synchronize the workflows and procedures, from waiting rooms, inspections & tests, reports reviewing, prescription billings to collections at the pharmacy. Navigation is provided to patients for an intuitive guide every step of the way. The system can also integrate with legacy signaling and surveillance systems to offer security monitoring services (e.g. anybody falling over, an occurrence of disputes). Emergency notifications will be issued, when necessary, to the central control room to enhance effectiveness and user experience.

Guided shopping, consumer behavior tracking and hotspot analytics
The connection with the monitoring equipment and the installation of facial recognition devices at entry points can effectively stay on top of foot traffic, analyze hotspots and optimize moving lines. This can further be integrated with the membership systems, to track each consumer decision and provide guided shopping by pushing discounts or product recommendations.

Facial Recognition & Membership Management
The installation of facial recognition devices at the identification spots (e.g. entrances, cashiers, membership system inquiries) to connect with the membership management system can keep a record of the behaviors, push services and enhance efficiency.

Taoyuan International Airport

VBIP: MRT transportation

AR Buy
Is OSENSE in a positioning, navigation, or AR/VR company?

OSENSE endeavors to provide algorithms developing based computer vision and/or Artificial intelligence innovative solutions to assist customers in different industries.

With VBIP’s help, OSENSE is able to works with clients from different sectors to create innovative applications and solutions in smart manufacturing, construction development, surveillance and security, retails, finance, O2O interactive advertising, Medicare and trade exhibitions. OSENSE help our clients to identify pain points that can be solved by new technologies instead of pushing one-fit-all modules that require more efforts. Together, we can create so-called “hybrid monsters” that combines valuable industry know-how and new technology solutions to enhance industry effectiveness and reduce costs.
VBIP is not the endgame. Rather, it is the starting point for innovative solutions for different verticals.
OSENSE is not just another software provider. We strive to serve our partners who are top-tier brands of their field seeking innovations.

Vision Based Indoor Position



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