Industry 4.0

Smart Warehousing Management
The integration of the VBIP and the backend management system enables smart warehousing management. By connecting with the ERP system or the warehousing management system, it is possible to edit from the backend the data regarding object locations on a real-time basis. The AR navigation feature will show onsite personnel where objects are placed or should be stored on the shelf, after the input, via the mobile app, of the numbers for the objects to be accessed or lodged. There is no need to use a Bluetooth beacon. The backend management system may update info on a real-time basis even with constant location changes. All these features make management easier.

Asset Management
The establishment of the Big Data on facilities (or large sites with scattered assets) by using VBIP can connect with the site monitoring system. This enables the labelling and integration of asset management at the backend. The central control personnel can stay on top of asset locations on a real-time basis. The materials temporally tucked away can be marked by the backend to reduce any material loss caused by handovers or missing data. Further optimization of the surveillance system can incorporate facial recognition to keep track of personnel access.

Assistance in the Event of Facilities Accidents and Major Events
In the event of unexpected disruptions of production lines or accidents at facilities sites, the system can quickly issue warnings and locate problems by connecting with the site surveillance system. This helps management and maintenance personnel to immediately repair the equipment issues and direct staff evacuations if necessary.

Vision Based Indoor Position

Is OSENSE in a positioning, navigation, or AR/VR company?

OSENSE endeavors to provide algorithms developing based computer vision and/or Artificial intelligence innovative solutions to assist customers in different industries.

With VBIP’s help, OSENSE is able to works with clients from different sectors to create innovative applications and solutions in smart manufacturing, construction development, surveillance and security, retails, finance, O2O interactive advertising, Medicare and trade exhibitions. OSENSE help our clients to identify pain points that can be solved by new technologies instead of pushing one-fit-all modules that require more efforts. Together, we can create so-called “hybrid monsters” that combines valuable industry know-how and new technology solutions to enhance industry effectiveness and reduce costs.
VBIP is not the endgame. Rather, it is the starting point for innovative solutions for different verticals.
OSENSE is not just another software provider. We strive to serve our partners who are top-tier brands of their field seeking innovations.


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