Computer Graphics (CG) and Computer Vision (CV) are the most important foundation of modern sciences. The movie industry has been relying heavily on Computer Graphics (CG) technology to create virtual scenes by using massive calculations of and 3D mathematical algorithms since the late 20th century.

Computer Vision (CV) is a technology that uses image processing, 3D algorithms and Machine Learning (ML) to imitate human beings’ cognition of the surroundings. It is an enabling technology as important as CG that promises to have major impacts in today’s world.

Cameras and other image capturing devices and technologies, as well as image analytics, will be ubiquitous in the near future. Whether the monitoring cameras or CCTV systems extensively blanketing the cities, car plate recognition devices in parking lots or on the roads, or the rising trend of VR/AR in the recent years and the Mixed Reality (MR) that is currently developing at a high velocity, illustrates how CV plays a dominant role in our social development.

Nowadays, we are all carrying along at least one powerful device, given the high penetration of mobile devices and growth in computing powers. Mobile devices are solving tasks that used to be run by a personal computer only, and we believe in the future, more applications will come and make the portable device even more powerful.

Hence, the popularization of mobile and wearable devices has set a new era for CV and made it closely connected to our life. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Deep Learning have all being pushed forward on this basis.
OSENSE’s world-leading indoor positioning technology, VBIP, is a fusion of spatial recognition and magnetic filtering to create an easy-to-use, compact design, reasonably priced indoor positioning and navigation solution.

By the support of AI and cloud computing, VBIP can quickly identify and recognize a space, providing indoor positioning and navigation for the environment with no GPS signals. Furthermore, VBIP does not require Bluetooth beaconing or Wi-Fi devices to provide a plethora of innovative applications and smart services via the AR user interface.

OSENSE’s VBIP has been awarded multiple international patents. The fusion of technologies can effectively enhance the strength and reduce the limits. This approach dramatically increases the accuracy and effectiveness of positioning and navigation. VBIP can be quickly deployed with the minimum limitations on hardware (in terms of installation costs and operating requirements).

Is OSENSE in a positioning, navigation, or AR/VR company?

OSENSE endeavors to provide algorithms developing based computer vision and/or Artificial intelligence innovative solutions to assist customers in different industries.

With VBIP’s help, OSENSE is able to works with clients from different sectors to create innovative applications and solutions in smart manufacturing, construction development, surveillance and security, retails, finance, O2O interactive advertising, Medicare and trade exhibitions. OSENSE help our clients to identify pain points that can be solved by new technologies instead of pushing one-fit-all modules that require more efforts. Together, we can create so-called “hybrid monsters” that combines valuable industry know-how and new technology solutions to enhance industry effectiveness and reduce costs.


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