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OSENSE is the eyes of Artificial Intelligence, helping the super brain to understand the real world.

OSENSE is dedicated to the integration of CV and AI. The development of the underlying technology allows AI to identify and understand the space via the camera lens. Innovative solutions for different use cases can be created when AI can see and appreciate the space. This paves the way for disruptive innovations across different industries.
Founded in March 2017, OSENSE was a spin-off from Can-Whole International. Can-Whole International is a digital content marketing company with more than ten years’ experiences in images and videos production and marketing.
OSENSE’s CEO, Joseph Wang, believes that CV and ML are the next big thing, from digital content creation to VR/AR. This was why OSENSE was established.
The company’s core technologies include VBIP indoor positioning (international patents), image recognition, spatial positioning algorithms and application software developments.
OSENSE’s goal is to become the world’s largest indoor map database provider. The company spares no efforts in the continued development of image recognition technologies in order to provide a wide array of customized services to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Joseph Wang
Founder / CEO
Joseph Wang Founder / CEO

Joseph is the founder and CEO of OSENSE TECH. He also is a serial entrepreneur who had already establish 6 companies. He has more than 20 years of business experiences including real and virtual economy.
After finishing his EMBA degree in Fudan University, Shanghai, in 2012, he realized that the regional economy can no longer satisfy a company development. Instead, regional economy will influence the trend of global economy and they are connected and influenced in two-way. The rapid development of technology has dominate our future world. He is then devoted to developing new operating strategy and business model to conjugate with new technology.
After co-founding OSENSE TECH with Dr. Jiungyao York Huang’s technology team, Joseph plans to integrate superior technology with experienced marketing skill to guarantee the fulfillment of clients’ needs.


Business model
Resource integration
Communication and coordination
Business management


NTUST Graduate Institute of Color and Illumination Technology
Fudan University EMBA
Chung Shan Medical University
Jiungyao York Huang
Chief Scientist / Co-Founder
Dr. Jiungyao York Huang Chief Scientist / Co-Founder

Dr. Jiungyao York Huang is the Chief Scientist of OSENSE TECH. He believes AR/VR will influence the human society in the next century and Computer Vision is the core technology of AR/VR applications. Computer Vision can localize the user and recognize objects which are two important factors to enable AR/VR applications. Hence, he leads an engineer team to study various computer vision techniques for AR/VR, and plans to lead OSENSE TECH to become an AR/VR and Computer Vision based technical company.
After receiving his Doctoral degree from the Electrical Engineering of University of Massachusetts, 1993, he was devote to teaching and researching AR/VR technologies in university for over 20 years. He has been the technical consultant of government institutes, including NCSIST, Institute of Information Industry, and Minister of Defense, and several private companies. He owns several international and domestic invention patents. Due to the flourish of AR/VR market, he decided to retire from the school in 2017 and co-founded OSENSE TECH with CEO Joseph. His primary goal is to develop VBIP technique and further to construct a global indoor maps platform. Other Computer Vision based AR/VR applications are also under investigation.

Expertise & Education

Ph.D. in Computer and Electrical Engineering
3D Computer graphics,Virtual Reality,Augmented Reality,Wearable Computing,Pervasive Computing, Pervasive Computing
James Ko
Finance Director / Co-Founder
Dr. James Ko Finance Director / Co-Founder

Dr. James Ko owns complete commercial and enterprise management experiences, and is specialized in enterprise operating control. He worked as GM of Japanese enterprise in Taiwan for 10 years, and over 10 years of consulting experiences, including Taiwan Starbucks, CMH Group, CCPC Group ... etc.


Adjunct Assistant Professor of NPU,NTUT, GM of Japanese Enterprise in Taiwan, Consultant of Taiwan Starbucks, CMH ... Etc.


Ph. D. of Shanghai Fudan University,China
Li Wen
Chief Operating Officer
Li Wen Chief Operating Officer

Skill And Contributions

Corporate Strategy; Marketing Planning; Public Relations


Integrated Marketing Communication, Emerson College
R&D Dept. / Director
Neo R&D Dept. / Director

Skill And Contributions

Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Signal Processing, Deep Learning.
IEEE Conf paper: RETOP: A Retina Topography Keypoint Descriptor.
Paper Abstract: A cross-platform novel method for fast image recognition, enhance 4 times of speed with the same accuracy.


Department of Physics, National Cheng Kung;Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, NTPU
Business Dept. / Director
Edwin Business Dept. / Director

Skill And Contributions

Project Management; Customer Relations


The Department of Cosmeceutics, China Medical University


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